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Ade Onayemi

Press Release
Announcement of Candidacy for the District 97 Elementary School Board 

Oak Park, Illinois – January12, 2001: Ade Onayemi, a 17year resident and owner of Urban
Resource, Inc., an architectural firm in Oak Park, today announced his candidacy for the 
District 97 Board of Education in this April’s election.

Onayemi has been active in Village and District service since his family moved here. He 
served for six years on the Community Design Commission (including three years as its 
chairperson), was a member of the Vision 2000 Education committee, and was a member of
the 1997 VMA Trustee candidate selection committee. In District 97, he has been active in
the Whittier and Emerson schools, and served on the Whittier Elementary School and
Emerson School Facilities Committees. Currently, he is serving on the District 97 Board 
of Education and is the Vice President. Onayemi was a counselor for Boy Scout Troop 22
at Whittier School, and was active in coaching soccer, baseball, and softball. He and his 
wife, Kathy, have two children, both attended Whittier Elementary School and Emerson 
Junior High School.

In announcing his candidacy, Onayemi reiterates his strong philosophy about the importance 
of quality public education in a progressive society. He believes that the district has taken 
great strides in developing and implementing the "Culture of Achievement" initiative – a 
goal based program to foster academic excellence. Onayemi considers being on the board 
during the largest capital program that the district has undertaken in fifty years fortuitous and
wants the opportunity to finish the work for which he has devoted much effort. Having helped
to ensure that the educational programs were kept intact in the design and construction phases
he is committed to seeing that the new middle school buildings embody a renewed commitment
to active and compelling learning. Onayemi has the experience and commitment necessary 
to take on the challenges facing the district in the next four years. 

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